How Much Does it Cost to Hire Shopify Store Development Services?

Shopify Store Development Services

Business owners are now more open to broadening their horizons online. This rapid digitalization has led businesses to explore various eCommerce development stores. Shopify store development services seem to be surviving the test of time as it comes across as one of the most popular choices for building an online store. 

With more than 1.7M merchants using the platform, Shopify is a preferred choice for businesses. Here are some of the features that contribute to its popularity – 

  • A flexible, easy to use, and manageable platform
  • Affordable pricing options
  • Extensive app store and customized theme
  • Inventory management, and more.

Why Do You Need an Expert Shopify Development Company?

One may wonder that if Shopify is a flexible and easy-to-use platform, why is there a need to hire a Shopify expert. It is because, with the help of a Shopify development company, you get technical expertise that allows you to utilize the platform to its full potential. 

Running an online store involves handling a lot – from branding and SEO to operational and management parts. You can discover and try different Shopify features and tools, but it will take your focus from your store’s core business activities. A Shopify development agency has the required experience, skill, and resources to efficiently take care of your store. 

Cost Factors Involving the Hiring of a Shopify Development Agency

Outsourcing eStore creation services to a Shopify development company means generating more effective results for your business than handling everything yourself. However, this is where you need to think about the cost of hiring Shopify store development services.

Before you decide on hiring a Shopify development agency, you need to figure out a complete idea about your store’s needs. It largely impacts the total expenses you have to incur while building your store. 

Your Shopify store development cost depends upon several factors. First of all, you ought to choose a plan with the Shopify development company. The cost of building a new store from scratch is different from the cost of redesigning an already existing store. The service of replatform is a different plan altogether. Then comes the need for buying a professional domain name and email address for your business. Also, for advanced Shopify store development, you may need to buy paid apps on the store. 

Your choice of a Shopify expert also makes a difference to your budget. A highly experienced and skilled developer will charge a premium fee from you than someone new to the industry. 

Cost to Hire a Shopify Development Company

While hiring a Shopify development company, many factors impact your costs. Hence, it would help if you do a breakdown of your expected costs based on your needs and requirements. 

Here are the factors that majorly matters – 

Shopify Plan

The first and the most basic decision you need to make is opting for the right Shopify plan. Shopify store development services have different plans with them. With each, you get access to different store tools and resources. This decision depends on where you are on your business journey and how much do you need at this point. For example, a basic Shopify plan will give you access to the basics of setting up a new store. An advanced plan can give you access to premium features for scaling your business. Finally, a Shopify Plus plan will provide you with the specialized features necessary for large brands. Naturally, as the plan advances, so does its price.

Scope of the Project

Before reaching out to a Shopify development company, you should understand the scope of your project. The types and amount of work you need in your Shopify store impact the roles of Shopify developers and change your budget accordingly. 

For example, a small-scale business may require a Shopify developer only to set up the store with the basic features. In contrast, another business of the same scale may want the developer to customize the store according to their branding. A business that wants international payments needs different tools than the one which doesn’t. If you want multilingual support for your store, the cost differs. 

Hence, the features and functionalities of your Shopify store determine the cost of your project. 

Shopify Developer

No two Shopify developers are the same. Every Shopify development agency comes with its own set of skills. It depends on your project requirements and what kind of developer will do justice to your project.

The experience of the developers makes a huge difference to the cost. For example, someone in the industry for a long time and who has worked with various scales and niches of business is an expert and has a high cost. On the other hand, if a developer is a fresher and trying to build their portfolio, they may charge you less than the others in the industry. However, their expertise will differ, and so will their project delivery. 

Another factor that impacts the cost is the skillset of the Shopify developer. For example, a Shopify development company that offers only design and development will charge less than a company that also offers SEO and customer support. 

Moreover, the specifics of your project define the kind of Shopify developer you need for your project. If you need help with enhancing the look and feel of your online store, a front-end developer should be your priority. A back-end developer can help you enhance the codebase, fix bugs, integrate, optimize the performance, etc. However, hire a full-stack developer if you need both sets of services for your store. Needless to say, the cost of each kind of developer is different from the other. 


With digitalization, the barrier of geography is almost negligible for businesses. You can work with everyone and anyone, no matter their location. However, the location of a Shopify development company plays a key role in determining the project’s cost. It is because the economy of the country or state defines its pricing models. The living cost is different across every region, and hence, the development cost will keep changing from one location to another. The cost will be vastly different when you hire a Shopify development agency from a developing country compared to a developed country. 

While one may find it more cost-effective to hire a developer from a developing country, it comes with its set of challenges. The time zones and cultural differences may make business communication complicated. In addition, it can affect the quality of the project. 

Every Shopify developer has a different price rate according to their expertise. Some may charge you hourly, while others may quote the total project cost. A few developers also follow a monthly pricing model. 

The average hourly rates on Upwork are as follows – 

  • Beginner: $15 per hour
  • Intermediate: $33 per hour
  • Expert: $95 per hour

If we talk about project-wise charges, a small Shopify store development service agency can cost you around $4k – $8k. If you are looking for a more sophisticated experience, you can expect the average rates around $10k to $15k. A complex project requires a big agency, which may charge $50k – $300k. 

However, these are the average charges that are bound to change according to your business specifications. While you should not splurge beyond your budget, hiring a trusted and skilled Shopify development agency is necessary for your project to be successful. 

Get the Expert Shopify Store Development Services

Developing an online store is a challenging task that can increase your overheads. However, you can minimize your expenses by outsourcing Shopify store development services. 

Ecartize is one of the highly-trusted Shopify development agencies that can help you build swift, secure, and sales-driven Shopify stores within 2 weeks. Our Shopify developers are highly skilled and have years of experience. We ensure that your Shopify store meets the ever-changing needs in this competitive eCommerce world. 

Here’s why you should choose us as your Shopify store development partner – 

  • We adopt a dynamic approach while delivering our services, and hence, you can freely discuss your customization needs with us. 
  • We know the changing technological trends require personalization for a high-performing eCommerce site.
  • We are a customer-centric brand. Along with delivering excellent solutions to our clients, we also believe in creating and maintaining long-term relationships with them. 

We provide three kinds of Shopify store development plans. Our new store plan is perfect for businesses planning to build and develop a Shopify store from scratch. The Redesign plan is for the businesses that already have a Shopify store but want to make enhancements and add customizations to it. Finally, the businesses who want to change their store development platform should opt for our Replatform plan. 


Finding the right Shopify development company is an overwhelming and challenging task. However, once you define your requirements and are clear about your needs, the hunt gets easier. 

Plan your Shopify store development journey with Ecartize to ensure a well-functioning online store. We are trusted and recognized by brands and partners across the globe. Our team will assist you at every stage of planning and implementation and help you create the store of your dreams. Book a free 30-min consultation with our experts and build your Shopify store with us starting at $499.