What is ecommerce development?

ecommerce development

Building an ecommerce website design or development is not an easy job. Hence, hiring professional ecommerce website development companies is the best. Unlike other traditional websites, which are only used for search and read purposes, ecommerce websites purchase products or services from a business. Several steps are involved in ecommerce store development, from thorough research to building an ecommerce website. 

What is ecommerce website development?

ecommerce web development is a complex task, but it does not need to be complicated. There are many factors to consider when building an ecommerce website: affordable web design, web performance, and user experience. While building a website for an ecommerce store development is a little tricky, hiring the right ecommerce design agency and ecommerce web designers and developers will ensure that your website is top of the notch. Some of the challenges in building an ecommerce website include:

  • Determining appropriate functionality and features of your website.
  • Understanding which ecommerce web design would work for your business.
  • Integrating your ecommerce store into an existing website.

What do ecommerce developers do?

ecommerce web developers are the people who are responsible for building an ecommerce website for your business to facilitate sales and purchases. They offer you different work skills from front-end ecommerce web development to back-end programming, depending on the type of ecommerce store you require. Therefore, mere knowledge of custom ecommerce web development is essential to create a platform, enabling your customers to make seamless purchases from your business. These ecommerce store developers should also be professional in ecommerce web design. Knowing how to design an ecommerce website would ensure that your website pages are easy to navigate, thus improving business sales. 

Choosing the right ecommerce design agency and store developer

Let is spotlight what an ecommerce design agency does for ecommerce store development and building an ecommerce website. The best way to ensure that your ecommerce web development offers a great user experience is to hire professional web developers skilled in both design and ecommerce web development. Your ecommerce web developer must know about the latest trends and practices to develop a website that satisfies your customers and guides them to make purchases. 

Things to consider when building an ecommerce website

How can I develop my ecommerce website? Business owners ask the most popular question when planning ecommerce website development. There are different functionalities and features that you should discuss with your ecommerce design agency before they begin with your ecommerce website development. The features and goals you set for your ecommerce website must align with your customer lifecycle. Therefore, there are four essential functionalities to consider when building your ecommerce website.

Responsive website design

ecommerce businesses today not only need a traditional website but also a responsive one to stay ahead of the game. This is because most people use their smartphones to shop online rather than desktop computers. Either way, whether your customers shop from their computers or phones, your primary goal is to offer them a seamless shopping experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Ensure that your ecommerce web developer knows how to make your website SEO ready. Search engine optimization is an excellent source of generating organic traffic to your website, with a high conversion rate. It is a vital aspect to consider when building an ecommerce website. 

Loading speed

According to research, around 70% of customers are interested in buying from your website if it has a real-time loading speed. Rapid loading websites are also suitable for SEO, as Google considers site speed an essential ranking factor. This is the reason why you need to hire an ecommerce design agency that not only offers a beautiful and affordable web design but also makes your website fast-loading.


No ecommerce website would come with all features already integrated into it. Therefore, you need to be precise to your web developers about what plugins and integrations you actually require for your custom ecommerce website. Payment integration is the most important, but that is not it. You might want to add the following integrations to your ecommerce website:

  • Do you want to integrate your website into existing CRM or ERP systems?
  • Do you want to add a live bot chat option?
  • Do you want to incorporate social media channels? 

What are the stages of custom ecommerce web development?

Building an ecommerce website from scratch is not necessary every time. Many ecommerce store development options are available that require minimal coding and technical skills. However, here are a few steps to consider before launching the ecommerce web development process.

What are your selling products?

Determine what your selling products are. Are you selling your own products, or are you a third-party seller? What is your target market? These questions are essential for the ecommerce design agency to understand your ecommerce web development requirements. This way, your web developer would be more precise with your ecommerce web design and deliver you a website that best suits your ecommerce store development goals. 

Determine your business goals

The decision to build an ecommerce website for selling products is not an easy-breezy task. You cannot move forward unless you are clear enough about your business goals and what you want to achieve in the longer run. There are a few questions that you could ask yourself before starting your ecommerce web development.

  • Why do I want to sell online? For better reach and sales, of course!
  • Do I want to expand my business to B2B or B2C?
  • How should I measure my business growth?
  • How many products do I want to sell online?
  • How will I grow by customer lifetime value?

These questions would give you a crisp idea of what you need from your business, thus making it easy to launch the ecommerce website development.

What platform options do you have?

Every ecommerce website development vendor offers reliable, fast, and SEO-ready platforms, but do they suit your ecommerce business requirements? Magento development services are one of the most used platforms for ecommerce web development, as it is cloud-based, fast, has an automated email campaign, and automatic upsell. Here are a few advantages you would get when choosing Magento development services.

  • Feature-rich and robust.
  • Unlimited customization.
  • High flexibility and scalability.
  • Substantial SEO scope.
  • Offers one-click selling.
  • Millions of users and community.

In addition to all these benefits, Magento development services also offer features like SEO grinding, membership subscriptions, discounts, unlimited products, recurring payments, etc. However, some other common platforms include WooCommerce, Drupal, and Shopify.

Adding products to your website

You need to ensure that adding or listing products or services on your website is accessible and seamlessly synchronized across your sales channels. This makes the back-office operations pretty easy and helps you avoid overselling. When adding your products to your website, you must make sure that:

  • Detailed product descriptions so that your customers know all the relevant information regarding your products.
  • High-quality images so that your customers expect to receive the exact product as the picture displayed. 

Setting the payment settings

When building an ecommerce website, your web developer would assist you in the checkout or the shopping cart process along with the payment integration to your website. Integrating several payment options to choose from is an excellent idea for your ecommerce store development. 

Launching your ecommerce website

Once your website moves from setting up the stage to the launching stage, giving it a test drive is essential to ensure everything is in order, like the ecommerce web design, navigation, and the website’s performance. Here is a quick checklist that your ecommerce store developer may provide you. 

  • All call-to-action and titles on the home and landing pages are in place. 
  • The checkout experience is smooth and hassle-free.
  • The payment integration is appropriate with different types of payment options. (PayPal, credit card or cash on delivery)
  • The product images are clear and HD, optimized with the website’s loading speed.
  • All products have accurate, relevant information without anything missing or being left out.
  • All the website links and buttons are functional.
  • The tax settings are verified.
  • Your products or services are appropriately listed according to their relevant category. 
  • The discount or promo codes work accurately.
  • The website design is responsive on smartphones and devices with an optimized loading speed.
  • The ecommerce website design is according to the type of ecommerce business you own.


ecommerce store development and building an ecommerce website range in complexity, along with the available platform options. Whether you begin your ecommerce web development with a complicated platform or a convenient one, you may find the need for some ecommerce web development help from professional ecommerce store developers for your business lifecycle. Therefore, if you are a business owner and have not invested in ecommerce web development services, you are lagging behind. Because in today’s world, ecommerce trends have taken a tremendous shift, increasing global sales up to 55% in the current year. Hence, to stay on top of the market, you must invest in complete ecommerce web development services to attract more customers and take your brand one step ahead of others!